Foundations of SK Agriculture

Informational Resource

Learn about the crops grown and animals raised right here in Saskatchewan, including information about each of the commodities! 

Where Food Comes From

Foundations of SK Agriculture is a series of information sheets that invite your elementary students to explore the different crops grown and animals raised in Saskatchewan. Making the connection between food and where it comes from can lead to healthier eating choices and a better appreciation for agriculture and it's role in feeding the world. The Foundations of SK Agriculture information sheets help students connect what they eat to the crops and animals needed to produce those foods, and ultimately, the people involved in getting food to their plate.

Students can share their learnings through this KWLS Chart.


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Canola coming soo Flax Mustard coming soon

Oats Pulses Wheat


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Bison coming soon Chickens

Dairy Cows Eggs Pork Sheep