Annual Reports

The future workforce is in classrooms across the province!

These students are the big thinkers and changemakers of our future, and we need them to be a part of the future of agriculture. AITC-SK experiences inspire students to see how they can make a difference in the world through agriculture.

Explore our progress through the years:

2021 Annual Report: Planting Seeds of Curiosity
2020 Annual Report: Growth, opportunity, innovation, expansion.
2019 Annual Report: A truly inspiring year of meaningful experiences!

25th Anniversary Report: Celebrating 25 Years of Agriculture Education!

2018 Annual Report: An in-depth review of how we reach more students each year!

2017 Annual Report: A Network of People to Reach Over 74,000 Students!

2016 Annual Report: Farming, Food, and Fun for Over 68,000 Students!

2015 Annual Report: 519 Schools Reached - More than Half the Schools in the Province!

2014 Annual Report: AITC-SK is Proud to Celebrate 20 years of Agriculture Education!

2013 Annual Report: We Reached 74% More Students this Year.

2012 Annual Report: AITC-SK Directly Reached 15,250 Students in 218 Schools.