Get Involved

As a charitable organization, we rely on the support of our community to create enriching and memorable agricultural experiences for students. Here is how you can help:

Elementary students gather around a tractor in the field to learn about what it is used for.


YOU can make a difference. Your donation will provide a classroom with an agricultural learning experience that will connect them to the food that they eat.

Volunteer farmer with a dairy cow share about where milk comes from


Students love learning about where their food comes from. They can't wait to meet someone like YOU. Learn about different ways you can volunteer with AITC-SK

Middle years students explore science and biotechnology while working through a science activity.


If your organization cares about a strong, resilient agriculture future then help us inspire the next generation to want to be a part of it.

Every student experience is building a stronger agriculture future.

We know that to drive change, youth need to have multiple positive agriculture learning experiences throughout their education journey. Visit our Annual Report to learn more.