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2024 June - Simple Resources to Engage Students at the end of the School Year.

2024 May - FREE classroom experiences & interactive resources to meet curricular outcomes.

2024 April - 👋SPRING programs just announced! Register for these fun & engaging learning experiences.

2024 March - Get your students excited about learning with these FREE curriculum-based programs and resources!

2024 February - FREE👏plantable bookmarks, and other curriculum-linked initiatives for the classroom!

2024 January - New Year, New Programs to Meet Curricular Outcomes.👀

2023 December - Teachers, 👀it's time to register for an agriculture volunteer to visit your class in March!👏

2023 November - November is BIG💚 with Little Green Sprouts applications and Career Month initiatives!

2023 October - FREE programs and resources to celebrate Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan!

2023 September - Teachers, we've got you covered with FREE curriculum-linked programs & resources!

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2024 May - Celebrating 30 years: success stories, volunteers, and more highlights!

2024 January - Students want to meet someone like YOU!😁

2023 October - Introducing Acres for Education, a unique campaign dedicated to building a resilient agriculture future.

2023 June - You've helped make an impact, just by being a part of our journey!

2023 April - There are BIG updates in this Spring Partner Newsletter!👌

2023 January - Students want to meet someone like you!

2022 October - Students personally connect with agriculture at these fall events