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2023 March - 🙌Celebrating CALM, plus featured resources & 3 incredible student opportunities!

2023 February - Get your hands on FREE plantable bookmarks for students!

2023 January - Register by January 31st to have a farmer visit your classroom!😁

2022 December - 3 NEW resources for your classroom! 

2022 November - NEW app & other FREE resources for all ages career exploration!

2022 October - 4 Classroom Resources to Meet Curriculum Outcomes in October!

2022 September - Register NOW for your Favourite Fall Programs🙌

2022 August - The Tools and Resources you Need for Lesson Planning  👀

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Inspiring Future Consumers

See what AITC-SK is doing to build public trust in agriculture, starting with the youth in our province! We are inspiring students to care about food and people producing it.

2023 January - Students want to meet someone like you!

2022 October - Students personally connect with agriculture at these fall events

2022 June - YOUR SUPPORT👏 helped us provide these agricultural learning experiences...

2022 May - 🙌AITC-SK provided an incredible number of student experiences! Open to see our 2021 reach!

2022 January - 👋We need your help! Volunteer to visit a classroom for Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM)!