About Us

Agriculture affects us all. Every single day.

Since 1994, Agriculture in the Classroom Sask Inc. (AITC-SK) has played a pivotal role in educating youth about agriculture through hands-on activities, engaging programs and inquiry-based educational resources.

The AITC-SK team, led by Executive Director Sara Shymko, has grown to 12 members who are passionate about inspiring the next generation to care about food and the farmers who grow it.  AITC-SK is governed by a board of directors who are committed to supporting the organization's goals. 


Our Purpose, Our Vision, Our Why

At AITC-SK, we have a vision of a Saskatchewan community that understands, appreciates and respects agriculture.

The agriculture industry is made stronger by the trust, support and involvement of well-informed consumers.  And right now, the future of agriculture is sitting in classrooms across the province, with their hands enthusiastically raised and ready to get dirty.

We want students to:

Know where their food comes from

Recognize the importance of agriculture in our daily lives

Think critically about information they are exposed to

Understand the importance of science and technology in sustainably producing food

Appreciate farmers and their care for the land and animals

Be inspired to consider a career in agriculture

Our Mission, Our Promise, Our What

Our mission is to connect kids and agriculture through innovative, experiential and curriculum-based programs and resources.

We promise to:

Provide accurate, balanced, current and science-based information on agriculture.

Be a bridge between the agriculture and education communities, connecting students with people responsible for producing their food.

Create opportunities for student's to explore their personal connection to agriculture.

Support teachers with curriculum-linked resources that engage students in learning.

Facilitate innovative, experiential and memorable learning opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Provide inquiry-based tools for teachers that enable students to make more informed decisions related to food and agriculture.

Connect agriculture industry professionals with students, providing real-life exposure to agricultural careers.

Our Guiding Principles, Our Values, Our How

·         Passion & Commitment - We care about what we do, and we are excited and engaged when creating meaningful connections between youth and agriculture.  We are committed to grow and continually evolve with the trends and challenges in the education and agriculture industries.

·         Quality - We will ensure the educational experiences provided through our programs and resources are curriculum-linked, valuable, of high quality, and memorable. We involve partners to ensure programs and resources meet the needs of educators, industry partners and students.

·         Integrity - We do not compromise our values or promises in any aspect of our operation.  We are transparent in all activities and communications.  We ensure our programs and resources provide accurate, balanced and current information, presented in an unbiased and science-based approach.

·         Community - We believe in collaboration with our stakeholders.  Our partnerships with educators, volunteers, producers, agribusiness and agriculture organizations build a community of support all working towards one vision.  We believe in teamwork to build strong internal relationships and a work environment where staff, board and volunteers feel engaged, supported and valued.

·         Empowerment - We believe in empowering students to think critically and to explore their personal connection to agriculture. We are helping to build trust in the agriculture industry by sharing the truth and good story of agriculture in our province.

AITC-SK is a registered charity: 88687 4692 RR0001

Together we are building a stronger agriculture future!

Now more than ever, young people deserve to know where their food comes from and AITC-SK is doing so by delivering agriculture education opportunities  in Saskatchewan schools.  Our partnerships within the education and agriculture communities helps us develop and deliver educational experiences that connect kids and agriculture.

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