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thinkAG Virtual Career Expo

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GRADES 9 TO 12  |  March 15 to 18

Did you know that one in eight Canadian jobs are in the agriculture and agri-food sector? That’s over 50,000 jobs in Saskatchewan, from engineering, research and processing to sales, finance and everything in between! And as the world population continues to grow, the demand for skilled people to work in agriculture will grow as well. 

The thinkAG Career Expo is going virtual! Students will have the opportunity to chat face-to-face with industry experts who will discuss their pathway into the agriculture industry, and what their day-to-day looks like now. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the many opportunities in agriculture! We have lined up experts in Food Science, Veterinary Medicine, Business, Trades, Plant Science, Biology, Biochemistry and more!  

The event format will be 'speed interviews' - industry professionals will be in Zoom rooms and students will rotate between the rooms. Students should be in groups with access to a computer / tablet or should have individual computers / tablets.  

There will be two 1 hour sessions each day (10am and 1:30 pm) with 1 class per session. Register for your preferred date and time.   

A registration package with speaker bio’s, student questions and event call-in information will be provided.  

The following kits are also available to complement the event: 

  • Strawberry DNA Extraction - hands-on activity and experiment for extracting and separating DNA using strawberries. You will receive all of the materials needed for the activity, as well as learning information to connect back to agriculture. 

  • Microbit Sensor Experiment –Students will "map" several different types of soil using the mini EM-38's. They will analyze the soil properties (soil texture, soil structure, soil porosity, soil chemistry, and soil color). There is also potential for a growth experiment. Limited Number Available for Loan. Provided by GO Code! - Saskatchewan Science Center. 

Thank you for your interest, registration is closed. Check back in the Fall!
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