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thinkAG Virtual Career Expo

thinkAG Virtual Career Expo

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GRADES 9 TO 12  

Did you know that one in eight Canadian jobs are in the agriculture and agri-food sector? That’s over 50,000 jobs in Saskatchewan, from engineering, research and processing to sales, finance, and everything in between!  

The thinkAG Career Expo is going virtual! Students will explore careers in agriculture with presentations from industry experts. In these pre-recorded presentations, experts will discuss their pathway into the agriculture industry, the skills required, and what their job looks like now and in the future. Accompanying classroom kits are available to help tie the connection to careers in agriculture. Classes from all across Saskatchewan can watch these presentations and work through these kits on their own schedule from the comfort of their classroom!  

All registered classes will also receive the brand new thinkAG Career Case, a gamified learning experience to help students explore their personal interests and learn about connected careers in agriculture. On November 18, join other classes from across Canada to celebrate the official launch of Career Case! Follow us on social media and post photos of your class!

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The following kits are available to complement the event: 

  • Strawberry DNA Extraction Kit- This hands-on activity and experiment extracts and separates DNA from strawberries. You will receive all of the materials needed for the activity, as well as learning information to connect back to agriculture.  

  • Microbit Sensor Experiment Kit– Students will "map" several different types of soil using the mini EM-38's and will analyze soil properties (soil texture, soil structure, soil porosity, soil chemistry, and soil color). Step-by-step instruction will be provided by the GO Code! outreach team. There is also potential for a growth experiment. Limited Number Available for Loan. In partnership with GO Code! - Saskatchewan Science Center.

  • Bacterial Transformation Kit – An engaging lab activity in which students engineer bacteria to express the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) and glow green under UV light. This kit enables hands-on learning about the central dogma, gene expression and regulation, genetic engineering, protein separation, and the biomanufacturing process. Available for 2 week booking periods. Bookings will be taken first come, first serve basis.  

  • BSE Gel Electrophoresis Kit –In this experiment, students examine simulated PCR products from several feed mills, to determine is BSE is present in the samples. Through this lab activity students discover how PCR and electrophoresis help keep our food safe; learn the biology behind Mad Cow Disease; and learn, preform, and analyze the results of their gel electrophoresis experiment. Available for 2 week booking periods. Bookings will be taken first come, first serve basis.  

The following resources are also available to complement the event:

  • snapAG – This resource series invites students to explore the hot topics affecting the agriculture industry today. Topics range from organics, biotechnology, GMOs, livestock, and more. Available online, or request a classroom set.  
  • Guardians Of the Grasslands - A short documentary brought to you by a group of dedicated conservationists, ranchers and Canadian filmmakers. The film explores the current state of one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, the Great Plains grasslands, and the role that cattle play in its survival. As we reach new critical levels in the loss of these iconic landscapes, there are important truths we must face about humanity’s relationship with the land and our food. Also in French "Gardiens des prairies". Available to watch here.  
  • Growing Green - Through this interactive resource students explore the concepts of climate and climate change, investigate the impact on agriculture, and are challenged to propose solutions to help farmers mitigate or adapt to the changes. The exercises and activities will help science students understand how climate change affects the real world. This resource introduces concepts of heat and moisture exchange and interactions between geographical landscape and temperature. View Resource.  
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