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Sun West SD Ag Program

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Sun West School Division

GRADES 3, 4, 7 & Bio 30  |  YEAR-ROUND

Do your students love hands-on learning? A local agricultural industry representative visits the classroom to educate the students on topics from how to identify the parts of a plant to challenges farmers face with working in agriculture to how genetic engineering technologies are used in agriculture.  There are three presentations available:

Sask Snack Presentation

is for Grade 3 students and encourages students to consider the role plants play in Saskatchewan.  Discussion includes what crops are grown in Saskatchewan, identifying parts of a plant and considering how crops and people are dependent on each other.  Students will then prepare a muffin recipe which helps tie in the the crops grown in Saskatchewan and the ingredients used in the recipe.

From the Ground Up! Presentation

is for Grade 4 students which includes an engaging game where students work in teams through a full cycle of farming.  They will make decisions about inputs and how to improve the sustainability of food production while problem solving when they face many of the same challenges farmers experience every year.  Students also consider how technology has advanced over the years and what role it plays in agriculture.

Nutrients in Soil Presentation

is for Grade 7 students and includes a hands-on lab component that has students test for and compare nutrients in different soil types as a real-world example of the need for nutrient inputs. Students will also learn how nutrients (including nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium) cycle through the environment and how farmers can use nutrient inputs to be more sustainable.

Biotech & GMOs in Agriculture Presentation

is for Bio 30 students and includes a lab component where students genetically alter bacteria to make it glow. Students will learn how genetic engineering technologies can be used in agriculture to become more sustainable while feeding a growing global population. During the presentation students will consider the historical context for genetic modification as well as the modern day uses before they get some hands-on experience with these technologies in the classroom. 

In-person programs may return pending public health guidelines. Check back later or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to be notified when this program returns.

Host Partner: G-Mac's AgTeam, Winfield United

"Ag in the classroom uses a knowledgeable expert in the field who thoroughly explains questions that are directly related to the Saskatchewan curriculum. The hands on lab was exciting and made classwork applicable to students' everyday farming lives. I would highly recommend Ag in the classroom to other teachers looking to spice up their course."

Graeme Harrison, Teacher

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