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Sask Food Story

AITC-SK Initiative


Grades 6 to 9 | OCTOBER 16-18

Students are invited to the Rayner Dairy Research Facility for a half day program examining agriculture in Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan agriculture around the world! Students will observe a working dairy barn including a robotic milking parlor, explore the Feeding the World Interpretive Center, try their hand at making a food product and play a food security game investigating the role that Saskatchewan farmers play in global food production.

(Morning or Afternoon Sessions available)


Thank you for your interest, registration is closed. Check back in 2019!

Host Partner: University of Saskatchewan

"We got to see a calf born, enough said."

Gillian Stange, Greystone Heights School
Curriculum Connections

RW5.1, RW5.2, RW6.1, RW6.2, IN6.3, DR6.2, IN7.1, IN7.2, RW7.1, RW8.3

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