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Sask Food Story

AITC-SK Initiative


Grades 6 to 9 | OCT 29, 30 & NOV 5

Students are invited to the Rayner Dairy Research and Teaching Facility for a half day program examining agriculture in Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan agriculture around the world! Students will observe a working dairy barn including a robotic milking parlor, explore the Feeding the World Interpretive Center, try their hand at making a food product and play a food security game investigating the role that Saskatchewan farmers play in global food production.

(Morning and Afternoon Sessions available)


Thank you for your interest, due to COVID-19 restrictions this program will not be offered in 2020. Check back in 2021!

Host Partner: University of Saskatchewan

"We got to see a calf born, enough said."

Gillian Stange, Greystone Heights School
Curriculum Connections

RW5.1, RW5.2, RW6.1, RW6.2, IN6.3, DR6.2, IN7.1, IN7.2, RW7.1, RW8.3

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