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Little Green Thumbs

Little Green Thumbs

AITC-SK Initiative



Little Green Thumbs is an indoor gardening program that gives students the opportunity to grow and eat healthy food right in their own classrooms!  As students actively co-operate to care for their classroom garden, they learn about nutrition, environmental stewardship, sustainable food systems, and community interdependence. Teachers across Canada are adding this powerful learning tool to their classrooms!

AITC-SK provides an indoor light kit, garden supplies, classroom resources, and training to help foster hands-on, inquiry-based learning. The indoor gardens are living laboratories where students explore, discover, experience, and LEARN!

Little Green Thumbs is trademarked and managed by Agriculture in the Classroom Saskatchewan, and is growing across the country with schools from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, PEI, and Nunavut involving this powerful learning tool to their classrooms! To learn more, visit

Thank you for your interest, applications are closed. Check back in 2025!

"My students were engaged in learning. They loved the hands on aspects of the garden and the responsibility that it instilled in them. We were also able to mentor a younger class room in our school to get involved with our garden later on in the year. This was great for my students as they felt confidence and pride. They were great mentors to the grade one and two's."

Deana Kempel, Athabasca School
Curriculum Connections

Grade 2: Science AN2.1, Social Studies RW2.3

Grade 3: Science PL3.1, PL3.2, ES3.1, ES3.2

Grade 4: Science HC4.1, HC42, HC4.3, RM4.2, Social Studies DR4.1, RW4.1, RW4.2, RW4.3

Grade 5: Science WE5.1,WE5.3, Social Studies RW5.1, RW5.2

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