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Little Green Sprouts

Little Green Sprouts

AITC-SK Initiative



Want to grow food in your classroom and make learning come alive?

If you’d like to inspire hands-on learning and inquiry into food production, as well as seeds, nutrition, soil science and plant needs, then Little Green Sprouts could be the perfect fit for your classroom.  Little Green Sprouts is our newest indoor growing adventure, and the junior program of Little Green Thumbs. 

No experience required to get up and growing with Little Green Sprouts! You’ll receive all the training, support, learning resources and equipment you need to grow food with your students, right in your classroom. As a class, you will grow microgreens, lettuce, herbs and more with your indoor garden.

Teachers will require a 1.2m (3.2 ft) by .5m (1.5 ft) space in the classroom, located near a power outlet, in which to assemble your garden. 

Thank you for your interest, registration is closed. Check back in 2024! 

"The students were amazed at how well the plants grew... Students were also excited to eat the greens that they had grown. Students took ownership of the plants and were always checking on them and reminding me that the class needed to water them or turn the lights on."

Venessa Steciuk, Maude Burke School
Curriculum Connections

Grade 1
Science LT1.1, LT1.2
Health USC1.1
Grade 2
Health USC2.2,
Grade 3
Science PL3.1, PL3.2, ES3.1, ES3.2

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