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genAG 2018

AITC-SK Initiative



Did you know one in eight jobs in Canada is in the agriculture and agri-food sector? This number will grow as the demand for food and ag products increases! genAG 2018 provides a unique opportunity to engage your students in exploring careers in agriculture by inviting them to compete in a provincial marketing competition.

The program starts with an agriculture field trip or industry expert guest speaker, where students are educated on the many career opportunities that are connected to agriculture.  Then in small groups, the students will develop and implement a creative and innovative marketing idea that promotes ag-sector careers to students in their school. Student groups create and submit genAG 2018 portfolios that tell the story of the development and implementation of their marketing ideas, with the top three groups in the province advancing to the Provincial Competition where they present their strategies to a panel of ag experts.  

The winning group will be profiled on the AITC Canada website and receive $500 for their school.

Students will get a FREE agriculture tour and $100 per group to implement their marketing ideas. Teachers are supported with teacher instructions, a student workbook, rubrics and a PowerPoint presentation.

All student and teacher information can be found at 

Thank you for your interest, registration is currently closed. Check back in 2019!


Congratulations to the genAg 2018 winners "Ag for Students" from Churchbridge School!



Host Partner: Farm Credit Canada

"It was a very unique idea and one that the students ran with. It was easy to support and really opened their eyes to agriculture and potential career opportunities."


Curriculum Connections

Career Education 9

Science 10

Health Science 20

Environmental Science 20

Physical Science 20

Computer Science 20/30

Information Processing 10/20/30

Career Work Education 20/30

Earth Science 30

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