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Cooking Up Saskatchewan

Cooking Up Saskatchewan

AITC-SK Initiative



Cooking UP Saskatchewan (CUSK) is a showcase of culinary and presentations skills! Students compete in their own school, with the winning group advancing to the Provincial Competition where they prepare a meal and present it to a panel of judgesStudents will learn budgeting, meal planning, presentation, and speaking skills in this two-part cooking competition.

Each participating school will receive funds to use for groceries for their in-school and provincial competitions. Travel subsidy will be determined based upon the amount of entries.


Congratulations to the 2019 CUSK Provincial Competition winners:

1. Sacred Hearth School, Yorton - AnnaLee Parnetta (teacher)

2. Michael A. Riffel, Regina - JoAnne Gelowitz (teacher)

3. Hafford School - Tara Welsch & Christine Gonda (teachers)

Special recognition to: 

Greenall High School, Balgonie - Heidi Dufour (teacher)

Hudson Bay School - Michelle Gulka (teacher)

Martensville School - Della Muench (teacher)

Montmartre School - Jill Young-Lee (teacher)

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Host Partner: Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan

"I loved working together with my friends and cooking for the Farmers of Saskatchewan."


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