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Create memorable learning experiences! Your students will be excited and engaged with our in-school and out-of-school programs.

Classroom Presentations

Classroom Presentations

AITC-SK Initiative



Can’t get your class to one of our out-of-school programs or want to supplement a program or lesson plan with a fun, engaging activity? We will come to you to faciliate a fun, hands-on curriculum-aligned presentation, right in your classroom!

One of our dynamic team members will guide your class through an age-appropriate presentation exploring a relevant aspect of food production. We'll bring all the supplies needed and take care of the mess afterwards! Each pesentation requires approximately 1 hour of class time. There is no cost to participate in this program.

Grades K-3
  • Growing with Seeds- this presentation begins with an engaging story that illustrates the importance of worms in seed development. Students will explore the roll of seeds and the needs of emerging plants. Students will plant their own ‘micro-garden’ to illustrate the concepts of plant needs and plants as food.
  • The Dirt on Soil- this presentation begins with an engaging story that illustrated the importance of worms in healthy soil formation. Students will investigate how soil is made, the soil zones of Saskatchewan and the important role of soil in producing healthy food. Students will get their hands dirty by creating a work of art using soil-based paint.
Grades 4-6
  • From the Ground Up- this presentation invites students to consider the complexity and significance of farming in Saskatchewan through a highly engaging simulation game. Students learn about the importance of sustainability and gain insight about the many decisions farmers must make throughout the year.
  • Soil Testing in the School Yard- this presentation introduces the concept of soil as a living ecosystem. Students will investigate the many community members and their roles in building healthy soil. Students will explore the physical and chemical changes that soil materials undergo and the critical role soil nutrients play in producing healthy foods. Students will investigate the nutrient content of soil from their local surroundings and hypothesize soil management strategies.
We welcome you to suggest preferred dates, however, scheduling may be based on regional availability.  


Thank you for your interest, registration has closed. Check back in Fall!

"This presentation certainly improves and reinforces the importance of agriculture in our province and in our homes."


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