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Career Case Presentations

AITC-SK Initiative


GRADE 9 TO 12 | Beginning in January

When it comes to considering future careers, do your students think Ag? Did you know that one in eight jobs in Canada are in the agriculture and agri-food sector? That’s over 50,000 jobs in Saskatchewan, ranging from engineering, research and processing to sales, finance and everything in between! No matter your students' background or interests, there is a future career waiting for them in agriculture!

The Career Case Presentation is a facilitated version of our newest career education resource. A guest presenter will share their experience working in the agriculture industry then guide your class through a gamified learning experience, encouraging students explore their personal interests and learn about exciting career opportunities. This programs highlights the diversity, variety, and importance of careers in agriculture. Through exploring real-life scenarios, students will begin to envision themselves and their diverse interests finding a future in agriculture.

Please note, it is recommended that students complete the Holland Code assessment prior to the presentation, either by paper or online.

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