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Open for Registration Career Case Presentations

Career Case Presentations

AITC-SK Initiative


GRADES 7 TO 12 | Year-round

When it comes to considering future careers, do your students think Ag? Did you know that one in eight jobs in Canada are in the agriculture and agri-food sector? That’s over 50,000 jobs in Saskatchewan, ranging from engineering, research and processing to sales, finance and everything in between! No matter your students' background or interests, there is a future career waiting for them in agriculture!

The Career Case Presentation is a facilitated version of our newest career education resource. A guest presenter will share their experience working in the agriculture industry then guide your class through a gamified learning experience, encouraging students explore their personal interests and learn about exciting career opportunities. This programs highlights the diversity, variety, and importance of careers in agriculture. Through exploring real-life scenarios, students will begin to envision themselves and their diverse interests finding a future in agriculture.

Please note, it is recommended that students complete the Holland Code assessment prior to the presentation, either by paper or online.

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