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Biotech Blast

Biotech Blast

AITC-SK Initiative

Saskatoon & Area

GRADES 7 TO 9  |  May 2nd, 2024


Check out this one-day program that will engage your students in science-related activities through hands-on, interactive sessions that are hosted by today’s leaders in the fields of science and biotechnology. Your students will love the experience of learning about today’s agricultural innovations and the future of the industry from our dynamic presenters!

Thank you for your interest, registration is full. Check back in 2025!

"Biotech Blast was an excellent opportunity for my grade 7 students! They thoroughly enjoyed the 'hands on' sessions and it was the perfect culmination to our 'Feeding a Growing World' inquiry unit! Thank you Agriculture in the Classroom for an excellent day on campus!"

Cindy Weinkauf St. Marguerite School
Curriculum Connections

Grade 7
IE7.2 Observe, illustrate, and analyze living organisms within local ecosystems as part of interconnected food webs, populations, and communities.

MS7.2 Investigate methods of separating the components of chemical mixtures and solutions, and analyze the impact of industrial and agricultural applications of those methods.

Grade 8
WS8.3 Analyze the impact of natural factors and human-induced changes to characteristics and distribution of water in local, regional and national ecosystems.

RW8.1 Critique the approaches of Canada and Canadians to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Grade 9
RE9.1 Examine the process of and influences on the transfer of genetic information and impact of that understanding on society past and present.

RE9.3 Describe the processes and implications of sexual and asexual reproduction in plants and animals.


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