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Agribition Agri-Ed Program

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GRADES 2 TO 5  |  Starting FEBRUARY 1

A free, fun, and easily accessible digital compilation of age-specific activities for teachers and students that highlight the same kind of ag education thousands of students experience at Agribition every year.  In the past, this educational experience was offered to Regina and area students. By introducing a virtual format we are enabling students from across the province to experience Agribition where urban and rural youth learn about where the food on their table comes from!

Click below to explore a variety of interactive, inquisitive, entertaining, and fun resources for students to learn about animals and their care, habitats, crops and plants, where food comes from, cooking, safety, and so much more!

Host Partner: Canadian Western Agribition

Curriculum Connections

Grade 2
Science AN2.1
Social Studies RW2.3
Grade 3
Science PL3.1, PL3.2, ES3.1, ES3.2 Grade 4
Science HC4.1, HC42, HC4.3, RM4.2
Social Studies DR4.1, RW4.1, RW4.2, RW4.3 Grade 5
Science WE5.1,WE5.3
Social Studies
RW5.1, RW5.2

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