2021 Annual Report

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AITC-SK is a registered charity dedicated to connecting kids and agriculture through innovative, experiential, curriculum-based programs and resources.

Executive Director Message

Food matters. Agriculture matters. I believe that the future of our planet is integrally connected with a strong agriculture...

Sara Shymko
Sara Shymko

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Our Team

Our dedicated team persevered through 2021 by continually learning and expanding our innovative
initiatives to include virtual opportunities and programs for students, newly developed online resources,
an updated kids’ website, and more! 

The new school year, new team members, and possibility of in-person programming brought a renewed
hope to AITC-SK. As we begin to see the smiling faces of students again, our team is energized and
passionate-as-ever to inspire these consumers of the future to care about food and agriculture!

Sara Shymko 2021
Susan Jorgensen
Shauna Hill
Chandra Gusikoski
Leah Hermanson 2021
Brit MacDonald
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Lindsay Rudd 2021
Emma Mollenbeck
Dena Lamb 2021

Planting Seeds of Curiosity

Throughout 2021 we released an incredible number of resources, initiatives, and tools for teachers that each play an important role in AITC’s impressive toolkit. These dynamic offerings provide more opportunities for students to get curious about where food comes from. Teachers have free access to more tools to implement strong agricultural learning experiences in the classroom. More experiences for students build layers on layers of learning. This deep learning creates better understanding and support for Saskatchewan agriculture. Use the interactive timeline below to discover our most popular launches in 2021:

Seed Survivor Learning Kits
Foundations of SK Agriculture E-Learning
Virtual Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month

Virtual CALM

The new resource included videos highlighting local farmers and processors and a hands-on activity.

Virtual thinkAG Expo

Virtual thinkAG Expo

Students virtually chatted with industry experts who shared their pathway into ag and day-to-day operations!

thinkAG.ca Website
Virtual Farm Tours

Virtual Farm Tours

Recorded footage and a live Q&A offered students an opportunity to see first-hand life on the farm.

Spring Virtual Food Farm
Fall Virtual Food Farm
Curriculum Map Tool

Curriculum Map Tool

A tool for teachers that simplifies incorporating AITC resources into their classroom teachings.

Career Case
Growing Green

Growing Green

Students explore climate change, the impact on agriculture, and solutions to help farmers mitigate the changes.

Virtual Agri-Ed Program
Plants, People & Climate Change

Plants, People & Climate Change

Connecting the dots between science and real life, to encourage meaningful action for our communities and planet.


AITC-SK is incredibly proud of our kid’s agriculture website. ExploreSaskAg.ca dives deep into the roots of Saskatchewan and takes students on a journey to discover how agriculture was and continues to be the foundation of our province. The website provides age-appropriate information, accompanied by real-life photos and colourful illustrations to bring the story of agriculture in Saskatchewan to life. Students are immersed in learning as they explore bite-sized pieces of information, complete fun quizzes, engage with interactive information and videos, and more. Visit ExploreSaskAg.ca to see for yourself!

ExploreSaskAg student
93,090 Pageviews
4,573 Users
460 File Downloads
Gardens grown
Teacher Feedback
Colourful Illustrations
Real Photos

Virtual Food Farms

In 2021, we adapted our very popular Food Farm program to a virtual classroom experience. We recreated the experience students would have at an in-person event by providing virtual stations that students worked through. Each station focused on an agricultural topic, such as Dairy, Farm Safety, Crop Inputs and more, and included an engaging video and hands-on activity. Food Farm Learning Kits were distributed to teachers, providing them with all the supplies to complete the hands-on activities. We received phenomenal feedback about the innovative hybrid approach of this program.

Learning Kit
Hands-on Activity
3,270 Students
143 Teachers
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Teacher Quote


thinkAG is a collection of teaching resources and outreach tools that encourage students in Grades 5 to 12 to explore and get curious about the myriad of career opportunities available in agriculture and food. By inspiring students to thinkAG and picture themselves working in agriculture and food, we’re helping to close the industry's labour gap. Not only that - we're building the next generation of informed consumers, influential thought leaders, and skilled Canadians. Explore thinkAG.ca!

ThinkAG Student
Award-winning thinkAG website
thinkAG Website 1
thinkAG Website 2
thinkAG Website 3
thinkAG Career Case
thinkAG Career Case Presentation
thinkAG Career Expo


We are stronger together! The initiatives we launched last year were made possible by key partnerships in the agriculture industry. This collaborative approach to resource and program development ensures that our educational tools are grounded in accurate, balanced, current and science-based information. We are grateful to the many people who offered their time and shared their experiences, allowing students to build authentic personal connections. We are inspiring the next generation of decision-makers, together.

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Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan Partnership
Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan

We worked closely with FFC-SK through 2021 on several initiatives such as Breakfast from the Farm, Celebrate Agriculture & Food Photo Gallery project, “A Year in the Life at Pine Ranch” classroom viewing guide.

Nutrien Partnership

Many fantastic programs we offer are in partnership with Nutrien Ltd. Each year we offer Little Green Thumbs (classroom garden program), Journey 2050 (world food sustainability program), Seed Survivor Learning Kits (new in 2021), and we participate in the Nutrien's Saskatchewan Children’s Festival!

SK Agriculture Partnership
Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture is a phenomenal partner, providing support and volunteers for many programs such as CALM and the thinkAG Career Expo. We also partnered on a fun challenge for Saskatchewan classrooms to learn about agriculture to celebrate #CdnAgDay!

Sun West School Division Partnership
Sun West School Division

AITC-SK had the incredible opportunity to help organize and attend the Sun West School Division teacher professional development days that included farm tours for each school in the division. We were grateful for the opportunity to strengthen our partnership with the Sun West School Division.

Virtual thinkAG Career Expo Partners
Virtual thinkAG Career Expo

We partner with industry experts who volunteer their time to share about their role in producing food and pathway into agriculture with students. Students are able to hear about the day-to-day actions, and build a personal connection with someone in agriculture.

Agri-Ed Partnerships
Agri-Ed Program

Canadian Western Agribition, in partnership with AITC-SK and others, collaborated on an interactive, creative, and fun virtual Agri-Ed Program. Students accessed interactive, online lessons and had the opportunity to participate in a Live Q & A session during Agribition thanks to support from many partners!

AITC Canada

Member Organizations

We are proud to be the Saskatchewan voice of Agriculture in the Classroom. Across the country, Agriculture in the Classroom is working together to provide engaging, innovative, learning experiences that ignite students’ curiosity and teach them the important role agriculture plays in our every day lives. 

As a result of this collaborative, pan-Canadian effort, agriculture comes to life in classrooms through an extensive network of resources, programs and initiatives delivered at both National and provincial levels, providing over 2 million unique learning experiences for students each year. 

Informed, inspired youth are key to developing the work force we need, and the public trust required, to maintain our competitiveness in the global market. Our programs and resources inspire students to see themselves in agriculture and all the promising career opportunities it brings! 

Chair Message

Arnold Balicki
Arnold Balicki

Teaching kids about where their food comes from is important to our agriculture industry. Students building a personal connection to agriculture is...

Seeds of Curiosity in 2022:

Pandemic Food Panic!
Mission: Super-Human
In-person Classroom Presentations
Hybrid Food Farms
Great Canadian Farm Tours
Explore Digital Ag Presentations

Our 2021 Board

In both word and action, our Board of Directors demonstrates accountability, leadership, commitment, integrity, and stewardship. The Board is continuously improving the governance systems and practices to provide the foundation for AITC-SK to be a high performing organization.

We would like to say farewell and thank you to Sarah Hein, Lana Mollard, and Heather Boensch for sharing their expertise, time, ideas, and enthusiasm – all of which served to strengthen our board and position us for future success.

Arnold Balicki has been an outstanding Board member, serving as Chair for the past four years. Under Arnold’s leadership, the board developed new by-laws, a comprehensive governance manual, a robust investment policy and effectively led our organization through the unprecedented changes caused by the pandemic. Arnold’s deep commitment to our mission, respect for the team, and drive for improved governance will be missed.  

Arnold Balicki
Keith Fournier
Ashton Wilson
Heather Boensch
Sarah Hein
Jackie Robin
Sarah Heppner
Kathy Doucette
John Bumbac
Jessica Lovich
Lana Mollard

Our Supporters

The continued loyalty, dedication, and support of our partners has allowed AITC-SK to accomplish the many things highlighted in this report. Our partners recognize the importance and value of agriculture education and have entrusted AITC-SK to build a province that understands, appreciates, and respects agriculture. Together, we are inspiring an endless curiosity of food and agriculture. We are engaging future leaders to get excited about the role they could play in feeding the world and protecting our planet. We express our gratitude to our partners for their investment in the future of agriculture!




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  • Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board
  • University of Saskatchewan


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  • BASF Agricultural Specialties Ltd.
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  • Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Agriculture
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  • Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission
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  • Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association
  • Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation
  • Saskatchewan Egg Producers
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  • Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission
  • Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
  • Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission
  • Saskatoon Co-op
  • Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission
  • SaskMilk
  • Turkey Farmers of Saskatchewan
  • Winfield United Canada

Thank You.

2021 was an incredible building year for AITC-SK. With new, dynamic resources and in-person programming resuming, our team is energized and more passionate than ever to create extraordinary and memorable learning experiences for students! We look forward to building personal connections with students and teachers again and providing layer on layer of agricultural experiences to truly inspire deep and meaningful learning for students. We look forward to your continued support and involvement in 2022!

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Sara Shymko, Executive Director