2022 Annual Report

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The future workforce is in classrooms across the province! These students are the big thinkers and changemakers of our future, and we need them to be a part of the future of agriculture. AITC-SK experiences inspire students to see how they can make a difference in the world through agriculture.

Message from Executive Director

Agriculture is back IN the classrooms! And we have also been able to bring students OUT of the classrooms to experience the...

Sara Shymko
Sara Shymko

Our Reach

Each student experience ingrains a piece of agriculture knowledge in students. These experiences are like...

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Our Team

In-person connection fuels our passion. Our team felt a shift in momentum as teacher demand for in-person events grew exponentially from Spring to the Fall. These personal interactions strengthen our drive and have a deeper impact on students. We are imparting 21st-century skills and agricultural knowledge to students who will one day be the decision-makers and leaders of our industry. Our team is proud and exceptionally dedicated to this cause and will continue to deepen the roots of agriculture education in students today with each meaningful connection.

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Reconnecting with Programs

When fully immersed in experiential learning, students connect to agriculture on a deeper level. Experiential learning invites curiosity and inquiry into the world around them. It requires problem-solving and collaboration, allowing students to grow. We know that our future workforce needs these 21st-century skills to respond to and solve real-world problems.

Authentic connections, positive memories, meaningful experiences - nothing can replace the value and impact of in-person programming. And last year 44,838 students were reached through programs!

As we continue reconnecting with more students, more teachers, and more schools, we inspire more confidence in the agriculture community and support for our role in feeding the growing world. Enjoy the many ways we are reconnecting with students in Saskatchewan (hover your cursor over the tiles to pause the scrolling):

Food Farms
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thinkAG Career Expos
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Classroom Presentations
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Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month
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Farm & Ag Tours
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AG EXperience
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Classroom Garden Program
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Sask Food Story
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Oats for Breakfast Bursary
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Canada's Ag Day Challenge
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Seed Survivor
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15 Years of Little Green Thumbs across Canada

We know that our communities need informed and inspired leaders, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and motivation to work for the health of our food system, environment, and each other.

Fifteen years ago, the Little Green Thumbs (LGT) program sprouted when we acknowledged that a garden is a great place to grow such leaders. Now a decade and a half later, 1200+ teachers nationwide have used classroom gardens as catalysts for deep engagement, helping 150,000+ students build a foundation of food knowledge and understanding. Education itself is a living process, and LGT gardens have brought learning to life for 15 years - and we continue to grow!

AR2022 15 Years
15 years of LGT
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99% of teachers
LGT programs
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A Little Green Thumbs Teacher
from the Start

Photo of Leanne Schappert, an original Little Green Thumbs teacher
Leanne Schappert

In 2007, Leanne Schappert was asked to pilot a new classroom garden program called Little Green Thumbs. For 15 years a Little Green Thumbs garden has thrived in Leanne’s classroom, inspiring a deeper connection to where food comes from in hundreds of students.

How LGT has Grown:

2007 Saskatchewan & Alberta
2013 Newfoundland
2014 Manitoba
2019 New Brunswick
2020 PEI, Nova Scotia & Nunavut
2022 Quebec

Teacher Agriculture Expeditions

An engaged and inspired teacher will impact students for years to come. And what better way to motivate teachers than to take them on a journey filled with tasty food, curious conversations, and unique experiences.

The Teacher Expeditions were not only about learning; they were about building connections. Teachers met farmers and industry members at their farms and agri-businesses and learned about the pride, passion, and dedication that goes into feeding the world.

This incredible experience and partnership with AITC-SK will equip teachers with the knowledge and tools to incorporate agriculture education into their classroom teachings. Teacher Agriculture Expedition participants are more than just engaged - they become AITC and agriculture champions!

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Classroom Experiences

AITC-SK resources instill agricultural knowledge and critical 21st century skills in students. Our resource offerings include:

-BOOKS that provide colourful stories about how food is grown
-LEARNING KITS that include materials for hands-on activities to engage students in learning
-INFORMATIONAL RESOURCES that offer accurate, balanced, current and science-based information about agriculture
-MINI UNIT PLANS that encourage a deeper learning of agriculture topics over multiple class periods, AND MORE! 

AITC-SK resources are developed in collaboration with teachers. They are led by teachers in the classroom and often encourage critical-thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and more, building strong skillsets in our future workforce. Following are a few new AITC-SK resources:

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Mission: Super-Human

Students are tasked with defeating villains that are taking over the food system, while learning about healthy food, making healthy food choices, and interpreting food labels and advertising.

AR22 Pandemic Food Panic image
Pandemic Food Panic!

Students examine the impact COVID-19 had and continues to have on our food system, through real-life examples of challenges the agriculture industry faced.

AR22 The Food Security Budget Game image
The Food Security Budget Game

Students explore how food fits into a household budget and experience how some real-world challenges can affect the budgets and food choices of families.

AR22 A Harvest Story image
A Harvest Story

This story walks students through a day in the life of a farmer at harvest time, providing a glimpse into the family farm and the beauty of reaping what is sown.

AR22 Connections in AG image
Connections in Agriculture

A new resource highlighting a different sector of agriculture is launched for CALM each year. Last year's resource had students explore the interconnectedness of agriculture and the world around them.

AR22 ExploreSaskAg.ca

The kid-friendly agriculture website continues to be an incredibly valuable source of agriculture information for teachers and students. In 2022, the number of website users more than doubled (+157% growth) compared to the year before.


Member Organizations

Across Canada, Agriculture in the Classroom delivers powerful learning experiences that ignite students’ curiosity about food and agriculture.


Education is a provincial jurisdiction, and in Saskatchewan, AITC-SK is the “boots on the ground,” building relationships with partners and educators and delivering hands-on programming directly to students...

Message from Chairperson

We all have a vested interest in the future of agriculture. The success and longevity of our businesses, farms, and organizations depend on the up-and-coming workforce...

Keith Fournier
Keith Fournier

Our Board

“A good Board Of Directors team is one where ideas are flowing fluidly - and where each idea is met with an initial welcome, an intellectual challenge, an expression of gratitude, a rigorous scrutiny and a readiness for action.” - Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr

We are grateful for people who passionately support AITC-SK by bringing diverse skills and experiences to guide our organization with a solid strategic direction and financial oversight.

Keith Fournier 2022
Kathy Doucette 2022
Ashton Wilson 2022
Brad Schultz 2022
Dale Worme 2022
Dean Elliott 2022
Glenn LaPoint 2022
Jessica Lovich 2022
Jessica Podhordeski 2022
John Bumbac 2022
Karly Rumpel 2022
Sarah Heppner 2022

Our Sponsors

In 2022, we delivered 259,460 agricultural learning experiences to students, a feat that would not be possible without the support and generosity of our sponsors. AITC-SK's offerings are building a stronger future for agriculture by inspiring students and engaging communities. We are proud to represent the agriculture industry and provide opportunities for our sponsors to participate in ways that support their values. Together we are provoking change and motivating our future leaders and decision-makers to get involved and help make a difference in our future food system and world.

AITC-SK is deeply grateful for each sponsorship, donation, and partnership that allows us to advance the dial on agriculture literacy, building a better future for us all. 


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  • A Horizon Ag Research Ltd.
  • BASF Agricultural Specialties Ltd.
  • Fast Genetics
  • Fedoruk Seeds
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  • RM of Lumsden No. 189
  • Sarah Leguee Calendar Donation
  • Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists
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  • RM of Prairiedale No. 321
  • RM of Reciprocity No. 32
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  • RM of White Valley No. 49
  • Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists-NE Branch
  • Saskatchewan Sheep Development Board
  • University of Saskatchewan


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  • RM of Elcapo No. 154
  • RM of Enniskillen No. 3
  • RM of Eye Hill No. 382
  • RM of Garry No. 245
  • RM of Grandview No. 349
  • RM of Hudson Bay No. 394
  • RM of Insinger No. 275
  • RM of Ituna Bon Accord No. 246
  • RM of Kelvington No. 366
  • RM of Kingsley No. 124
  • RM of Lac Pelletier No. 107
  • RM of Lakeview No. 337
  • RM of Laurier No. 38
  • RM of Medstead No. 497
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  • RM of Monet No. 257
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  • RM of North Battleford No. 437
  • RM of Oakdale No. 320
  • RM of Paynton No. 470
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  • RM of Silverwood No. 123
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  • RM of Viscount No. 341
  • RM of Waverley No. 44
  • RM of Webb No. 138
  • RM of Wise Creek No. 77
  • SCIC Staff Donation
  • South Country Equipment
  • SUNTEP - Prince Albert

A Harvest Story Donations

  • Aberbel Farms
  • Alanna Koch
  • Arlen Herter - Double H Land & Cattle Ltd
  • Avis Farms Ltd.
  • Candice Salisbury
  • Cindy Nelson
  • Clinton Monchuk
  • Danyelle Robin
  • Dianna Emperingham
  • Donovan Avis
  • Gary Amundrud
  • Grant Pister
  • Greg Lawrence
  • Jason Ranger
  • Jeff Ewen
  • Jeffrey Lamers
  • Jessie Karst
  • Jill Boutin
  • Joanne Wicks
  • Jody Seidler
  • Kathy Doucette
  • Keith Fournier
  • Krystal Tendler
  • Lexie Adamson
  • Linda Kunkel
  • Mandy Penrose
  • Paulette Andreas
  • Prince Valley Farms Ltd.


  • A Horizon Ag Research Ltd.
  • Ag-West Bio Ltd.
  • BASF Agricultural Specialties Ltd.
  • Cargill
  • Chicken Farmers of Saskatchewan
  • Fast Genetics
  • Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Agriculture
  • Grain Millers Canada Corp.
  • Novozymes
  • Nutrien
  • RM of Birch Hills No. 460
  • RM of Canaan No. 255
  • RM of Deer Forks No. 232
  • RM of Excelsior No. 166
  • RM of Garden River No. 490
  • RM of Gull Lake No. 139
  • RM of Happyland No. 231
  • RM of Kellross No. 247
  • RM of Leroy No. 339
  • RM of Maryfield No. 91
  • RM of Mervin No. 499
  • RM of Rodgers No. 133
  • RM of Rosthern No. 403
  • RM of Round Valley No. 410
  • RM of Terrell No. 101
  • RM of Wolseley No. 155
  • RM of Wolverine No. 340
  • Saskatchewan Barley Development Commission
  • Saskatchewan Canola Development Commission
  • Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association
  • Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation
  • Saskatchewan Egg Producers
  • Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission
  • Saskatchewan Oat Development Commission
  • Saskatchewan Pork Development Board
  • Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
  • Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission
  • Saskatoon Co-op
  • SaskMilk
  • Turkey Farmers of Saskatchewan
  • Winfield United Canada

Be a Part of our Story

The last couple of years has been transformational for AITC-SK. COVID-19 provided an opportunity to diversify and strengthen our offerings, including virtual initiatives to extend our reach to remote areas of the province. As we embrace the momentum from the return of in-person programming, AITC-SK has big goals with a well-rounded toolkit of dynamic, accessible, and engaging initiatives in tow. Continuing work on improving operational efficiencies and refreshing brand messaging this coming year, AITC-SK is on a pathway to future growth and propelling our organization to the next level!

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For a stronger future for agriculture, get involved:
Sara Shymko, Executive Director