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Resources for Canada Career Month

Resources for Canada Career Month

November is Canada Career Month!

Think all agriculture jobs are on the farm? Think again! With rewarding career opportunities in labs, boardrooms, the great outdoors, and beyond - students can find a job that suits their interests and fulfills their dreams in the agriculture and food sectors!

Below you will find FREE curriculum-linked programs and resources that will inspire your students to discover the diversity and variety of rewarding careers in agriculture. Click on the image to order resources or register for programs.


Career Case (Gr 9 to 12)
A gamified learning experience where students explore their personal interests and discover careers in agriculture suited to them.
Kareero (Gr 7 to 12)
A one-of-a-kind interest assessment app that tracks student choices and actions through the development of a school garden to reveal their interest areas.
thinkAG Website (Gr 5 to 12)
Ignite interest in agriculture and food careers as students explore jobs tailored to their interests and personalities, helping find their purpose-driven career.
Planet X: 'Out of this World' Opportunities in Agriculture and Food (Gr 9 to 12)
Students are given the mission to assemble a team of food production professionals to send to Planet X to produce food.
Connections in Agriculture (Gr 7 to 8)
An interactive lesson that guides students to explore the connections we have to the world around us through food.
Healthy Foods from Healthy Farms (Gr 7 to 8)
A 3-part video series that takes students behind the scenes at local farms and processing facilities, connecting food and the people who grow it and process it.


To explore all free, educational resources, visit AITC's Resource Library.


Career Case Presentation (Gr 7 to 12)
Province-wide  | Year-round

A facilitated version of our Career Case resource. A guest presenter guides students through a gamified learning experience, encouraging students to explore their personal interests and learn about exciting career opportunities.
Journey 2050 Presentation (Gr 7 to 12)
Province-wide  |  Year-round
A guest speaker guides students to explore global food sustainability through a farm simulation, career avatar game, and geography scavenger hunt.
thinkAG Career Expo (Gr 9 to 12)
Regina & area  |  November 20-23
Students visit stations hosted by industry experts in the fields of Food Science, Veterinary Medicine, Business, and more, who share their career pathway, and what their day-to-day looks like now through a hands-on activity. Limited space.