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Dig Deeper: A Soil Discovery Kit for Grade 3 Science

AITC-SK’s latest learning kit is a teaching tool that will enhance students’ understanding and engagement with the world of soils. It begins with the invitation to delve into the story of soil and its central role in sustaining life on earth. Subsequent hands-on activities focus on what soils are made of, the diversity of life soils contain, how they interact with water, their productive capacity to grow food, and an exploration of the root zone and why it’s important to protect soils from erosion.


This kit includes all materials required to complete three activities to explore distinct aspects of soils:

ACTIVITY #1: Telling the Story of Soil

ACTIVITY #2: What is Soil Made of?
Composition A: Soil Texture
Composition B: Game - Farming with Friends!

ACTIVITY #3: Soils are a Life-Line!
Life-Line A: The Dynamic Duo of Soils and Water
Life-Line B: Soils and Plants Give us Food
Life-Line C: Guardians of the Soil


Only 350 kits are available and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis. All applicants will be notified by early March, and kits will be shipped at the end of March!





Earth and Space Science – Exploring Soils (ES)

ES3.1 Investigate the characteristics, including soil composition and ability to absorb water, of different types of soils in their environment.

ES3.2 Analyze the interdependence between soil and living things, including the importance for individuals, society and all comp

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Student Scholarship Opportunity

Tell your food story for a chance to win an agricultural scholarship!

For students passionate about speaking up and telling the story of agriculture, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture is offering the Agriculture Student Scholarship for the eighth consecutive year.

Saskatchewan grade 12 students and recent high school graduates (within the last two years) have the chance to win a grand-prize scholarship of $4,000 or one of three runner-up scholarships of $2,000 when they submit a three-minute video or 1,000-word essay detailing their food story. This year’s scholarship theme, ‘Our Food Has a Story’, encourages young people to have conversations with people about the relationship between agriculture and the food they eat.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be planning to take an agriculture-related post-secondary education program beginning in the fall of 2018. This scholarship program has been designed to identify young people who thinkAG and plan to pursue an exciting career in the industry.

If you are a teacher or school guidance counselor, please share this scholarship opportunity with your students!


Deadline to apply is March 1, 2018.

To apply online or for more information:

·         Visit www.saskatchewan.ca/thinkAG and type ‘Ag Student Scholarship’ in the search bar; or

·         Contact Shayla Hertz, Provincial Agriculture Awareness Specialist, at 306-787-9298 or shayla.hertz@gov.sk.ca.


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Seed Survivor reached over 3,600 students!

The Agrium Seed Survivor fall tour has come to an end teaching over 3,600 students in 49 schools about the elements that plants need to grow!

The two mobile truck and trailer units traveled throughout Saskatchewan during September and October and were enjoyed by students in Grades K to 8.

This curriculum-based learning experience on wheels is really quite amazing!  If you did not have the opportunity to experience it, the inside of the trailer includes multi-media and virtual reality games, talking walls and more that engages students to understand each of the elements - water, light, soil, nutrients and growth.  As well, students receive a presentation outside the trailer which includes a guided plant nutrient lesson.  Once the students have mastered the elements that plants need to grow, they get to plant a seed to take home and continue to nurture!

“One of the best presentations I’ve seen that links up with the Saskatchewan curriculum.”says a teacher from Lloydminster who has been teaching for over 10 years.  A memorable learning experience that comes right to your school!  Students leave the presentation buzzing with excitement from the games they played and what they learnt, and excited to grow their own plant and food.  What could your Grades 1 to 6 students learn from the mobile Seed Survivor display?  We are currently accepting registrations for spring and fall of 2018.

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October is Ag Month in Saskatchewan!

October is Agriculture Month in Saskatchewan!

#OurFoodHasAStory  #AgMonth2017

Everyone has a food story, whether you’re a farmer, a chef or someone who just loves food! Your story is simply your perceived connection - direct or indirect - to the food you eat or grow.

Saskatchewan agriculture provides the world with plenty of safe, affordable and healthy food. It also offers alternative fuel sources and leads to the development of medicines and vaccines – all while helping to ensure a strong and stable economy.

This October, let's celebrate the Saskatchewan producers and the wide variety of delicious foods and ingredients they grow right here in our province.


How can I get my classroom involved in Ag Month?

*My Food Story resource - A lesson plan guiding elementary students to explore foods grown in Saskatchewan and laminated, washable meal placemats for the students to share their personal food story.  Orders placed before the end of October will receive a set of dry-erase markers for the student to use on their placemat.  Also available in French.

*Feeding a Growing World: Exploring Saskatchewan’s Role in Global Food Security – Provides the means for middle year students to inquire, explore and investigate the question, “How might Saskatchewan agriculture contribute to global food security for 9 billion people?”

*All About Food resource – Presents factual information for high school students about ‘hot topics’ in agriculture, with a companion website that extends learning by providing a teacher guide, links to videos, and interactive games.

Ag Month events around Saskatchewan:

Agriculture Month Kick-Off BBQ

September 29, 11 am to 2 pm
Co-op Marketplace
402 Ludlow St
Saskatoon, SK

More info: https://farmfoodcaresk.org/events/agriculture-month-kick-off-bbq/

Food Evolution Premiere

October 11, 7 pm
Broadway Theatre
715 Broadway Ave
Saskatoon, SK

More info: https://farmfoodcaresk.org/events/food-evolution-premiere/


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thinkAG Career Classroom Conversations

Grades 6-12

This engaging, hands-on classroom presentation profiles various agricultural career paths such as agronomy, animal science, agricultural trades and technology, food development, agribusiness, and research and innovation.  The presentation will also feature an introduction to agriculture and spotlight on agriculture-related post-secondary programs.

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