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Your students will have engaging learning experiences with our curriculum-based programs connecting students and agriculture! We work in partnership with many organizations to develop and deliver educational experiences your students will love. We ensure all of our information is accurate, balanced and current.

    Steam 2017

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    STEAM is more than connections among four or more subject areas.  It’s a unique way of knowing and exploring the world. The STEAM approach involves the essence of the practices of science and engineering, and utilizes tools such as mathematics, the arts, communication, collaboration, and technology, to model real-world innovation, connect with authentic experiences, show assimilation of new ideas, illustrate teamwork, diverse skills, creativity, and cooperation, and invites new, divergent thinking and doing.

    Please note we will be sending out detailed information to all teachers who have been accepted on Tuesday, April 25. If you registered and have not received an e-mail, please e-mail

    Thursday, May 18

    9 am - 2 pm, - SK Student Visits

    5 pm to 7:30 pm - Public Viewing

    Friday, May 19

    9 am - 2 pm - SK Student Visits

    Saturday May 20th

    9 am to noon - Public Viewing


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    Online Student / Class Registration for Friday, May 19 still open. Thursday is completely full.
    If you have any problems with registration please contact Sara at or 306-933-5224

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