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Your students will have engaging learning experiences with our curriculum-based programs connecting students and agriculture! We work in partnership with many organizations to develop and deliver educational experiences your students will love. We ensure all of our information is accurate, balanced and current.

    Exploring Food Security

    AITC-SK Initiative

    How might agriculture in our province contribute to food security for 9 billion people? Feeding our growing world is a challenge and young people today have the chance to be part of the solution. Through engaging activities, students will enhance their understanding of food security issues and begin a personal journey of discovering what their role in achieving food security might be. Grade 7 and 8 students will partake in sessions focused on local food security, food waste, global food security, and agriculture innovation to learn more about Saskatchewan’s role in achieving global food security.


    It was great for our urban students who may never have been on farms to see the dairy production.

    Jenny Chudyk, Educational Assistant.

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