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Your students will have engaging learning experiences with our curriculum-based programs connecting students and agriculture! We work in partnership with many organizations to develop and deliver educational experiences your students will love. We ensure all of our information is accurate, balanced and current.

    Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month

    AITC-SK Initiative

    March, 2017  

    How do farmers decide which crop to grow? Why are some eggs brown? Where do cows sleep in winter? If your students have questions about farming, let us help coordinate a classroom visit from a farmer or agricultural representative. Volunteers read the book of the year and then share their personal agriculture story.

    "Having a local producer present in our classroom was great! The students had many good questions and loved that they got to take the book home!"

    Alyssa Kuschak, Yorkdale Central School
    Curriculum Connections

    Grades 2 - 5

    Social Studies, Health, Science

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