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High School Programs

High School Programs

At Agriculture in the Classroom-SK we are known for engaging, hands-on programs and resources for young students.  But did you know that we also have programs and resources for high school students also??  Check out the following great opportunities this Spring for high school students to get engaged and excited about learning, while developing a variety of skills and meeting curriculum connections:


Cooking Up Saskatchewan

Students will learn budgeting, meal planning, presentation, and speaking skills in this two-part cooking competition.  An in-school cooking competition decides which team will represent your school at the Provincial Marketing Competition!  To learn more or register, visit: https://aitc.sk.ca/school-programs/cooking-up-saskatchewan

genAG 2018

Students will learn budgeting, presentation, and speaking skills while exploring agriculture career opportunities. Students receive an agriculture field trip or guest speaker learn about the many different careers in agriculture. They will develop and implement a marketing plan to promote ag careers to their peers, submitting their portfolio to us for a chance to advance to the Provincial Marketing Competition.  Limited spots available, register: https://aitc.sk.ca/school-programs/genag-2018

thinkAG Classroom Presentation

Our staff will visit your classroom and provide an engaging, hands-on presentation profiling various career paths in agriculture.  Secure your preferred date: https://aitc.sk.ca/school-programs/thinkag-career-presentation-new