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Your family can be a part of Saskatchewan's harvest story!

Your family can be a part of Saskatchewan's harvest story!

YOU can be a part of 'A Harvest Story', a storybook that shares the meaningful culture of harvest time. Beautifully written and illustrated by Saskatchewan residents, the story will deepen kid's understanding of the importance of agriculture while they are poetically walked through a day in the life of a farmer at harvest time. 3,000 books will be read in homes and classrooms across the province!

For the month of June only, become a monthly donor (minimum $10) or make a $100 donation to AITC-SK and we will list your family in 'A Harvest Story':
  • Dedicated to: add your family's name or dedicate it to someone special (your children, grandchildren, grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, siblings, friends)
  • In Memory of: devote it in memory of a special someone

We will also send you your very own copy of 'A Harvest Story' as a keepsake to read and share with family and friends!

PLUS your donation to AITC-SK will help us:
  • inspire kids to care about their food and the people producing it
  • foster an endless curiosity of food and agriculture
  • steward kids' personal connection to agriculture
  • build a stronger agriculture future for us all!
It's WIN-WIN-WIN. Don't miss out - get started below!
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About the Author, Kendall Wicks

I am so pleased to be working with AITC to publish and distribute this book that I wrote for my son many years ago. I grew up in South West Saskatchewan on a straight grain farm, and recently my husband, son, and I have moved to and taken over my parents operation. We have added bees and chickens to our farm and I love learning and sharing all that we do on the farm! As a teacher, I am passionate about students having good quality resources that they can connect with and I hope this book will provide just that! Harvest is such a special time for all farm families and communities and I feel this book has captured not only the process of the agricultural cycle, but also the passion and emotion that goes along with this way of life.