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The winners of the GEN AG Competition are...

The winners of the GEN AG Competition are...

Sydney Seykora, Kennedy Dufault, Randi Zenner and Laura Cropper from Naicam School!

 The GEN AG provincial marketing competition, which took place in Saskatoon on May 16th, was an inspiring event that demonstrated students' commitment to promoting careers in agriculture.

The GEN AG program began with six schools across the province participating in field trips or having an agriculture industry professional as a guest presenter in their classroom.  Students engaged with agriculture experts to learn about the variety of career opportunities that make up the 2.3 million Canadian jobs connected to agriculture.  From processing plants, boardrooms, laboratories and beyond, agriculture involves more than just a farmer in a field.

Students broke into groups in which they developed creative marketing ideas that focused on promoting ag-sector careers and generating awareness of the multitude of opportunities in agriculture.  They were provided with $100 to implement their innovative marketing strategies to students in their schools.  Each student group then submitted a Success Story Portfolio that showcased the effectiveness of their idea. The four best portfolios advanced to the provincial competition.

At the final GEN AG provincial marketing competition, four groups from Naicam School, Martensville High School, and Kindersley Composite School were given the opportunity to present their strategies to a panel of judges from 4-H Saskatchewan, Farm Credit Canada and SK Pulse Growers.

The best portfolio was presented by Innovative Ag from Naicam School who looked very sharp in their branded t-shirts! They utilized modern technology to create an engaging video to capture the interest of their targeted demographic, as well as an Instagram account that gained over 50 followers and featured posts of people employed in the Ag industry about why they feel agriculture is important. 

Congratulations to the winning group, Innovative Ag from Naicam School, who received $500 to support ag-career education in their school.  As well congratulations to all competitors for their excellent presentations.

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