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Seed Survivor reached over 3,600 students!

Seed Survivor reached over 3,600 students!

The Agrium Seed Survivor fall tour has come to an end teaching over 3,600 students in 49 schools about the elements that plants need to grow!

The two mobile truck and trailer units traveled throughout Saskatchewan during September and October and were enjoyed by students in Grades K to 8.

This curriculum-based learning experience on wheels is really quite amazing!  If you did not have the opportunity to experience it, the inside of the trailer includes multi-media and virtual reality games, talking walls and more that engages students to understand each of the elements - water, light, soil, nutrients and growth.  As well, students receive a presentation outside the trailer which includes a guided plant nutrient lesson.  Once the students have mastered the elements that plants need to grow, they get to plant a seed to take home and continue to nurture!

“One of the best presentations I’ve seen that links up with the Saskatchewan curriculum.”says a teacher from Lloydminster who has been teaching for over 10 years.

A memorable learning experience that comes right to your school!  Students leave the presentation buzzing with excitement from the games they played and what they learnt, and excited to grow their own plant and food.  What could your Grades 1 to 6 students learn from the mobile Seed Survivor display?  We are currently accepting registrations for spring and fall of 2018.


For more information, visit: http://aitc.sk.ca/school-programs/seed-survivor-1