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Saskatchewan Agriculture Student Scholarship

Are you interested in working in a fast-paced, innovative, exciting industry that has a lasting impact on our world? Do you want to pursue a career that is rewarding and fulfilling both personally and financially? The agriculture industry has the perfect career for you!

There are endless opportunities in the agriculture industry, which will allow you to have a lasting impact on a vibrant sector.

For students interested in pursuing a career in agriculture, consider the Agriculture Student Scholarship. The grand-prize scholarship is $4,000, and there are three additional runner-up scholarships of $2,000.  

Last year’s winner, Jesse Patzer states: "This scholarship is going to help me to continue my work in the industry. My education and my experiences in the field will solidify my passion for agriculture. I can’t wait to expand my knowledge and learn something new.”

Interested in applying for this scholarship? Bring together your passion and insight to highlight the importance of transparency in the agriculture sector through a three-minute video or 1,000-word essay.

Deadline to apply is March 1, 2022

For more information on eligibility, application criteria, and how to apply, visit Saskatchewan.ca/ag-scholarship.

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