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Pilot Teachers Wanted for NEW Middle Years Nutrition Resource

Pilot Teachers Wanted for NEW Middle Years Nutrition Resource

Mission: Super-Human is a five lesson unit that will teach Grades 5 to 8 students about healthy food, how to make healthy food choices, and how to interpret food labels and advertisments. Each lesson is a "Mission" where students work in groups to create a super-human to defeat villains that are trying to take over the food system. This gamified learning resource will help your student achieve outcomes in health and Science.

Students work through four Missions, learning about essential nutrients, analyzing nutrition facts labels, meal planning and media influence. In the final Mission, students apply their knowledge to defeat the boss villain.

Our expectation is that pilot teachers will review and facilitate all five 45-50 minute lessons. A teacher feedback form for each lesson and one for the unit as a whole will be completed. Student feedback will also be collected. Participating teachers will receive all resource materials by May 3, and then will complete the resource and submit feedback to AITC-SK no later than June 16. Teachers will receive a $200 honorarium for participation.

Note this pilot must take place in the classroom, and not through online learning.

Thank you for your interest, applications have closed.