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Pilot Teachers Wanted for NEW High School Resource!

Pilot Teachers Wanted for NEW High School Resource!

Pandemic Pizza is a problem-based learning resource that engages Grades 9 to 12 students in critically analyzing the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had and continues to have on our food system.

Working through an interactive, online learning resource, students will gain an understanding of the food system and disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Students are posed with a messy, real-world problem and given an opportunity to devise a solution using their existing knowledge. They will then investigate one specific aspect of the local food system at a deeper level to critically assess the impacts of the pandemic from the perspectives of different participants. Armed with a greater understanding, students will reassess and enhance their proposed solution and present to the class. 

Expectations for Pilot Teachers:
*Review and facilitate the full resource.
*Complete teacher feedback survey.
*Administer student feedback survey.

Teachers will receive access to the full resource and survey materials on May 3. Completion of the resource and feedback surveys must be submitted by June 16.  We estimate approximately 6 hours will be needed to review the full resource, work through the resource in class and submit feedback.  Piloting teachers will receive a $150 honorarium for participation. 

Thank you for your interest, applications have closed.