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Oats for Breakfast, on us!

Did you know Saskatchewan farmers grow over 1.5 million tonnes of oats annually? That's a lot of oatmeal!

In partnership with the Saskatchewan Oat Growers Commission, we're offering a chance to win $300 towards an oat themed breakfast for your school! Oatmeal, oat pancakes, oat muffins- the menu is up to you.

This contest is open to rural classrooms that participated in Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month in March 2019. Fill in the application below to be considered for one of five bursaries that are available. To apply, let us know one thing you learned during your CALM presentation, what you would serve at the oat themed breakfast, who you would invite and how you think your students would benefit from the experience. Funds must be used by June 25, 2019.

Thank you for your interest, this contest has closed.