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Food Farms a great success!

Food Farms a great success!

10 days | 9 communities | 1585 students

Food Farms were a great success this year!  Can you believe that we reached 1,585 Grade 3 and 4 students from 9 communities in just 10 days?!  That is 1,585 students who have a better appreciation of agriculture.  After their return to the Food Farms in the Fall, they will have experienced the full cycle of farming.  Food Farms are successful because of the huge amount of support we receive, including our partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture.  From our sponsors who contribute to our organization to the host partners and volunteers who run the Food Farms, we are grateful for the continued support as we educate students from across the province about the importance of agriculture.

Check out these highlights from each location:

*We received media coverage in Saskatoon, Swift Current, Kindersley, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Lanigan!

*Lanigan and Watrous were two new locations hosted by Blair’s Group of Companies.  Regardless of the wind and rain, the students were radiating with excitement to learn!

*Saskatoon (Host Partner: Monsanto) had special visitors this year!  Gainer the Gopher stopped by to ramp up his agriculture education.  As well, CTV news covered the event to share our story with the community.

*Prince Albert (Host Partner: Conservation Learning Centre), Yorkton and Moose Jaw (Host Partner: South Country Equipment) all had an overwhelming number of registrations.  In fact, they were overbooked, based on the predicted number of students they had planned to host!

*Swift Current (Host Partner: Agriculture Canada) hosted the first Canadian Breakfast Farm, and served Pancakes and sausage with whipped cream and strawberries.  It went over really well with the kids!

*Melfort had 100 students plant potatoes all at one time!  (I wonder if they do garden visits?)

What IS a Food Farm?

Food Farms help students understand where their food comes from by actively participating in growing ingredients for familiar foods.  In the Spring, they plant crops, and return in the Fall to harvest their crops and make foods such as burgers, fries or pizza.  Many of the students have never been to a farm or experienced growing a garden!  Often the students are in disbelief when they learn that the tiny seed they planted will grow into something that will provide them with a meal.  This program helps them make the connection between farmers in fields and the food that students find in grocery stores.  Food Farms also connect kids with agriculture industry professionals who present at mini stations to discuss topics such as proper planting conditions, farm safety, where milk comes from, soil nutrients, masonry bees, and more.  Each station includes a hands-on activity that engages the student in the topic and makes for a memorable learning experience.


"This was such an engaging, interesting and informative event! There were so many hands on activities for the students. Everyone left with a new appreciation and understanding of SK Agriculture! I can't wait to bring a class back next year!"
-Danielle Gossard (teacher), Sunningdale School, Moose Jaw

"There were a lot of fun activities! My favourite part was feeding the baby cow.  I learned a lot about canola and what products contained canola. I can't wait to come back!"
-Ashlyn Emms (student), Cardinal Leger School, Saskatoon

"This is the best day in my life: pizza and the wilderness!" 
-Student, Columbia School, Yorkton (provided by teacher Crystal Swidzinski)

"I loved learning science this way!"
-Molly (student), Ecole Vickers, Prince Albert