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Canada's Agriculture Day Celebration Challenge

Want to get your hands on FREE plantable bookmarks for each of your students?? Participate in the Canada's Agriculture Day Celebration Challenge and we will hook you up!

Did you know that February 23, 2021 is Canada's Agriculture Day? We want you and your students to join us in raising a fork to the food we love and the people who produce it! Let's engage your students in creative ways to celebrate Saskatchewan food workers - from farmers and ranchers, to truck drivers, to equipment dealerships, to grocery clerks, to restaurant workers - there are so many people involved in Saskatchewan's intricate food chain. These hardworking people (our food heroes) are dedicated to bringing food from farm to table and ensuring that no one goes hungry in our province.

We challenge you!

How can you celebrate these food heroes and learn more about agriculture with your students? Here are suggestions of how you can participate:

  • ‚ÄčWrite a thank-you letter to a food hero involved in the food chain. You could mail them or hand deliver them for a special touch!
  • Draw a picture of the different Canadian foods or agriculture products that you are thankful for! Hang these up in your community so others can enjoy them!
  • Post a "Forks Up for Canadian Agriculture" selfie or classroom photo of your students using #CdnAgDay. Find "Forks Up" graphics here.
  • Learn about agriculture and where food comes from by downloading or ordering one of our resources. Why not:

Share what you are doing to celebrate Canada's Agriculture Day by using #CdnAgDay and tagging @aitcsk and @SKAgriculture and @GrainMillers.

And be sure to let us know how you participated in order to claim your plantable bookmarks below!

Thank you for your interest, this contest is closed.
Bookmarks provided courtesy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Grain Millers.

More #CdnAgDay Resources

Following are more of our free, educational resources to help your students celebrate #CdnAgDay:

Canada's Agriculture Day Stickers & Tattoos (GRADES K TO 12)

FREE stickers and tattoos for your students to celebrate #CdnAgDay!

Foundations of Saskatchewan Agriculture (GRADES 3 TO 4)

NOW with interactive courses that compliment the information sheets and make learning about the different crops grown and animals raised in Saskatchewan more engaging and fun!

DNA Extraction Activity (GRADES 7 TO 9)

A hands-on activity and experiment for extracting and separating DNA using strawberries. You will receive all of the materials needed for the activity, as well as learning information to connect back to agriculture.

The Real Dirt on Farming (GRADES 5 TO 12)

NEW EDITION! Canadian farmers and food producers provide straight answer on food security, climate change, animal welfare, food safety and much more to help your students make informed decitions. Order your class set now and look for the Teacher Guide that will be available for download for #CdnAgDay on February 23.