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CALM Volunteer FAQs

CALM Volunteer FAQs

Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM) takes place in March and provides the opportunity for students to connect with local farmers and people who are involved in producing food.

By volunteering to visit a classroom, YOU can be a student's personal connection to agriculture and help bridge the gap between agriculture and the 98% of the population that do not farm. You are inspiring the next generation of decision makers, consumers and big thinkers to care about agriculture and food production!

Here are frequently asked questions to CALM your nerves and get you excited about volunteering:

  • I love agriculture and want to talk to students about it, how can I get involved?
    Volunteer for Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month (CALM)! Teachers around the province register to have a classroom visit from someone who works in agriculture during March!
  • How far would I have to travel?
    When you sign up, you’ll be asked how far you are comfortable travelling.
  • I’d love to volunteer in a specific classroom (my child’s or a child that I know), is this possible?
    You can request a certain school/classroom/teacher when you sign up, and we will do our best to accommodate!
  • But I’m not comfortable public speaking, this might not be for me?
    This IS for you if you enjoy talking about your role in ag! It’s less like public speaking, and more like chatting with VERY eager listeners who are curious to learn more.
  • What does a volunteer exactly do in the classroom?
    You’ll do an activity with the students, and most importantly share your passion for agriculture by telling students about your job!
  • How do I know what to talk about with the students??
    We provide you with everything you need for your time with the students! We’ll send you a volunteer t-shirt and info to access the presentation and activity video online. But also feel free to bring something related to your job to show the students like seed samples, equipment replicas, etc.
  • A presentation AND activity?! That sounds intimidating.
    It’s really easy and so much fun, the time will fly by! You’ll have access to the materials ahead of time to familiarize yourself with them. AND by using these materials, you’ll meet the teacher’s curriculum outcomes and they’ll be so happy!
  • A presentation to students makes me nervous, what can I do to prepare?
    No worries! Students LOVE visitors in the classroom, they will be eager to learn and have so many questions for you. Make sure to browse the materials ahead of your visit and watch the volunteer video for all the info you need!
  • What if a student asks a question that I don’t know the answer too?
    Not a problem! Just let the students know that is not your area of expertise, jot the question down, and see if someone in your network can help answer (or reach out to us). Send the answers to the teacher later, could be a fun opportunity to follow up and connect with the class again.
  • What if I receive misinformed questions or comments about agriculture?
    Remember that many people do not have a connection to agriculture and just really don’t know. Try to connect with the person and shared values. Don’t try to change their mind, simply share your why.
  • That sounds manageable, how long should I plan for?
    Presentations are 1 hour, but know that the time will fly by! We provide a suggested timeline with your materials.
  • This sounds great, but I’m still nervous. Can I bring a friend?
    Absolutely! Make sure you both sign up and while you’re at, why not each do a presentation!
  • I still have questions, is there someone I can chat with?
    You bet! Please reach out to Kathryn MacDonald at kathryn@aitc.sk.ca or 306.716.7615.
  • The classroom visit isn't until March, when do I register by?
    The deadline to register is January 31, 2023, to allow time for matching volunteers with classrooms in your area and for you to coordinate a date with the teacher!
  • I hear there is a draw for volunteers this year?!
    Yes! New this year, every volunteer will be entered into a draw. The prize is a copy of ‘A Harvest Story’ book and matching mug (pictured below), currently only available to teachers. TWO draws will be made, ONE for new volunteers this year and ONE for returning volunteers!

Now you're ready! Sign up to volunteer: