"Are you mother nature?" asks a grade two girl to the farmer who is visiting her classroom. The farmer isn't Mother Nature, but she does her best to farm in a way that protects the land.

Volunteers help AITC-SK reach more youth each year. With the volunteer efforts of our partners and community members, students spent over 325,000 hours learning about agriculture last year.  All children deserve the opportunity to be connected to agriculture; you can make it happen!

Volunteer Descriptions

Classroom Presenter - Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month

Be the face of agriculture! Visit a classroom and share your personal agriculture story with students during Canadian Agriculture Literacy Month in March. To volunteer for this program sign up at www.aitc-calm.ca.

Station Guide

Be a support person for students at agricultural learning events as you guide groups from station to station. 


Engage with students as you lead them through interactive learning stations as a presenter at agricultural education events.

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