Acres for Education Campaign

Education Helps Build a Strong, Resilient Agriculture

The future of farming and agriculture depends on today’s youth. Grade 12 students will soon be graduating and choosing a career, what foods to buy, and which policies to support. In 5 years, they could be writing their very first briefing note for PMRA or writing a media article on sustainable agriculture practices. In 15 years, students in Grade 2 will be doing the same. What do you want them to know about agriculture?

Education is key in igniting a passion and interest in agriculture and its impact on our daily lives. By engaging students in agriculture education initiatives, we are:

  • inspiring them to know more and care more about where their food comes from and who produces it,

  • building understanding and support for modern farming practices and the choices farmers make to produce food in a safe and sustainable way, and

  • opening students' eyes to the variety of careers in an exciting and rewarding industry that is helping to feed our world.

Invest in the Future of your Farm

You have the power to ensure the vitality and success of your farm in the future by investing in the education of youth today. With each agricultural experience we provide during a student’s education journey, we are building the pathway to agriculture literacy, and a stronger future for us all. 

Bright students happily learning about agriculture and where their food comes from.

10 Cents Makes Sense

We are challenging farmers in Saskatchewan to donate 10 cents an acre to agriculture education. Consider the cost of inputs you invest into your crops, would adding 10 cents make a significant difference? Likely not. But 10 cents an acre in Saskatchewan classrooms will make a deep and meaningful impact. Our goals:

  • $150,000 - Since the pandemic, demand for our hands-on, in-person learning experiences has grown beyond our capacity. Every time we say no to a teacher, we are missing the opportunity for a classroom of students to learn more about food and how it’s produced. Our goal of raising $150,000 is to meet the current demand from teachers and classrooms.

  • $250,000 - But we don’t want to just meet the demand, we want to exceed it. Creating new initiatives will capture even more opportunities throughout a student’s K-12 journey to connect them with agriculture. Our $250,000 goal will take agriculture education to a new level of growth and impact in our province.


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