thinkAG Career Exploration

Do you thinkAG?

Follow the road to learn about each of the careers along a food value chain, such as canola. Have fun exploring!

The thinkAG campaign promotes the diversity of agricultural career, entrepreneurial and post-secondary opportunities to youth. Follow the links provided to learn more about the various careers!

Are you curious about plants?

The Research and Development stage involves careful exploration and testing to determine the best way to grow canola in certain environments. Simranjit Singh tests plant species to better understand how different crop varieties from around the world can be bred to increase yield and reduce plant stress. Learn more about a career in Research and Development.

Do you like making sure things work properly?

All research facilities and greenhouses have safety requirements to ensure the well-being of their employees. Nicole Genter travels to different facilities to ensure the health and safety practices and procedures are being followed. Learn more about a career in Health Safety and Environment Compliance and Audits.

Are you a problem solver?

Agronomy is the science of producing and using plants for food and fuel. Katie MacMillan works with farmers to help them get maximum yields in the most sustainable way possible. She adds value by using satellite imagery to create production maps, making fertilizer recommendations, scouting fields for pests, and collecting soil samples for testing. Learn more about a career in Agronomy.

Do you love the land and being outdoors?

Farmers are the producers of canola seed. Without them we wouldn’t be able to use canola products in our day-to-day lives. Jeff and Ebony Prosko grow the canola crops using environmentally sustainable practices from seeding to harvest. Learn more about a career as a Farmer.

Are you interested about global food security?

Once the canola has been harvested, a grain buyer like Bo Hallborg might purchase it. Bo will then market Saskatchewan canola to various buyers from around the world. Learn more about a career in Commodity Trading.

Are you a person who likes to plan?

Once the canola has been marketed, the transportation process begins. Laurie Freeman at JGL Commodities organizes and negotiates the transportation of canola from the farmer’s field to the buyer, which often is a local crush plant.  Learn more about a career in Logistics.

Are you a people-person?

Canola comes to the plant as a seed and leaves as canola oil or meal for the domestic North American and world markets. Ryan Stack leads a team of canola origination merchants who ensure the plant has a steady supply of canola from producers. Learn more about a career in Processing.

Does math make sense to you?

Once the oil is made, companies will work to get the canola oil onto store shelves. This includes sales, marketing, and finance. Kassandra Mohr works as a controller to develop budgets, oversee spending and ensure the company’s financial health. Learn more about a career in Accounting or Finance.  

Are you creative?

Co-op is one of the many retail stores where you can purchase canola oil. As a manager, Dion Fogen focuses on maintaining supply and putting the best product on the floor for his customers. Dion also deals with pricing, mark downs and the store’s visual identity.  Learn more about a career in Management.

Do you like to eat?

Once someone purchases canola oil from the store, it can be used in many different ways. Try it when you make stove-top popcorn for your next movie night!