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Discover the Past, Present, Evolution, and Future of Agriculture in Saskatchewan while exploring this NEW kid-friendly website!

An engaging, kid-friendly website that brings the story of agriculture to life through highly interactive information, colourful illustrations, real-life photos, informative text, quizzes, teacher lessons, and more! Designed primarily for Grades 3 to 7 students, the website covers the Past, Present, Evolution, and Future of agriculture in Saskatchewan. Additional sections and teacher lessons will be launched with Phase 2 in October.

Saskatchewan Agriculture

Agriculture is the foundation of Saskatchewan; it influences the present and will shape our future. The “culture” of our province is rooted in agriculture. From the First Nations people who harvested the bounty Mother Nature provided, to the early settlers who overcame many hardships, to the modern-day farmers who are among the most innovative and productive in the world – the story of Saskatchewan can be told.

Farmers across Saskatchewan work diligently to produce food to feed not only the people in our province, but also around the world. Scientists spend their lives researching ways to improve sustainable agriculture practices. We are privileged to live in a country where food is safe, affordable, and of high quality. We salute the farmers and members of the agriculture industry who make that possible.