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AITC-SK Initiative



Do you want students to get excited about their future? Young people often don’t see themselves finding careers in agriculture, but there are more job opportunities than qualified people to fill them.

The genAG program helps high school students explore the diversity of careers in agriculture. In groups, students will be faced with the challenge of developing and implementing a creative marketing idea that promotes agriculture-sector careers to their peers, for a chance to win a cash prize!

Sign up to participate in genAG to help students learn that a future in agriculture can be inspiring and rewarding, and goes far beyond farming. The agriculture and agri-food industry is flourishing with opportunities for fulfilling careers, and the chance to make a difference.  

Teachers are supported with teacher instructions, a student workbook, rubrics and a PowerPoint presentation.

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Due to COVID-19 restrictions programming is temporarily on hold. Check back later or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to be notified when programming becomes available. Sign up for e-newsletter.

"It was a very unique idea and one that the students ran with. It was easy to support and really opened their eyes to agriculture and potential career opportunities."


Curriculum Connections

Career Education 9

Science 10

Health Science 20

Environmental Science 20

Physical Science 20

Computer Science 20/30

Information Processing 10/20/30

Career Work Education 20/30

Earth Science 30

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