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Agribition Agri-Ed Virtual Q & A Sessions

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GRADES 2 TO 5  |  NOVEMBER 22 to 26

As we draw closer to Agribition, Agribition’s Education Committee has an update on some changes to the 2021 show. For this year’s show, we will not be offering in-person registered programming for schools throughout the week.

This year, the Education Committee is pleased to offer Agribition Live Q & A sessions to give you a taste of Agribition from your classroom. One session will be hosted via Zoom for each week-day. The daily Live Q & A sessions include Grain, Bison, Beef, Sheep, and Alpacas.

Thank you for your interest, registration has closed. Check back in 2022!

Host Partner: Canadian Western Agribition

Curriculum Connections

Grade 2
Science AN2.1
Social Studies RW2.3
Grade 3
Science PL3.1, PL3.2, ES3.1, ES3.2 Grade 4
Science HC4.1, HC42, HC4.3, RM4.2
Social Studies DR4.1, RW4.1, RW4.2, RW4.3 Grade 5
Science WE5.1,WE5.3
Social Studies
RW5.1, RW5.2

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