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K-12 Educational Program & Resource Guide

Young people deserve to know where their food comes from. 

And we are connecting kids and agriculture through innovative programs, experiential learning and curriculum-based resources.

Our interactive and experiential programs give students a chance to get their hands dirty and experience the sights, sounds and smells of agriculture at one of our out-of-school programs. But if you can’t get your students on a field trip we also have in-school programs such as classroom gardening programs, classroom presentations and student competitions.

Our innovative and curriculum-based resources are an exciting way to engage your students in learning. Our resources include lesson plans, learning kits, videos, storybooks, and more to supplement your classroom teachings.

We provide educators with valuable programs and resources that…

  Engage and excite students

  Foster critical thinking

Inspire students to care about food and the people who produce it

  Meet curricular outcomes

Provide accurate, balanced and current information

  Nurture inquiry-based learning


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