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Sask Feeds the World

AITC-SK Initiative

September 2017

Richardson's Bennett Farm, Regina

Bring your middle years students for a half-day at the farm to investigate the role agriculture plays in feeding Saskatchewan and the world! Students will visit a variety of interactive stations to help gain a better understanding of the importance of modern agriculture in sustainable food production and food security on both local and global levels. Topics include: technology on the farm, land stewardship, soil and plant sciences, riparian management, careers in agriculture.


Hosted at Richardson's Bennett Farm, Regina
For Grades 5-7 Students
September 21, morning or afternoon sessions available (9:30-11:30; 12:30-2:30)

Thanks for your interest in this program, please check back next fall for 2018 registration!

Host Partner: Richardson's Bennett Farm


Curriculum Connections
DR5.1; DR5.2; RW5.1
DL6.1; DL6.5; RW6.1; RW6.2
IE7.2; IE7.3; IE7.4; EC7.3; IN7.3; RW7.1;RW7.2; RW7.3