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Learning Kit
Learning Kit

My Food Story

My Food Story resource is designed for young elementary students to encourage them to learn more about Saskatchewan agriculture and explore their personal relationship with food. My Food Story consists of a lesson plan that will guide students in an exploration into foods grown in Saskatchewan and laminated, washable meal placemats for the students to share their personal food story. Teachers will receive a hard copy of the lesson plan, a placemat for each student and a set of washable markers. This resource can be used to help celebrate Agriculture Month in October. All orders placed before the end of October will receive a set of dry-erase markers for the student to use on their placemat. Remember to fill out the number of students in your class when you place this order so we can send the correct number of placemats and markers! My Food Story is also available in french under the title LE PARCOURS DES ALIMENTS AVANT D'ATTEINDRE MON ASSIENTTE.

Developed by Agriculture in the Classroom Sask