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Your students will have engaging learning experiences with our curriculum-based programs connecting students and agriculture! We work in partnership with many organizations to develop and deliver educational experiences your students will love. We ensure all of our information is accurate, balanced and current.

    Farm to Fork

    Proud to Partner

    How does food get from the farm to your fork? This event allows students to connect with agriculture through short, hands-on stations and interaction with agriculture industry professionals. This program takes place in Weyburn, Meadow Lake, and Tisdale.

    Host Partner: Ministry of Agriculture

    "This provided a wonderful opportunity for all students to be exposed to the world of agriculture and the various aspects other than just tractors and cows. It allowed them to look deeper into what happens behind the scenes and to better appreciate what happens before the food gets to the grocery store or table."

    Curriculum Connections
    Grade 3
    Science PL3.1, PL3.2, ES3.1, ES3.2 
    Grade 4 
    Science HC4.1, HC42, HC4.3, RM4.2
    Social Studies DR4.1, RW4.1, RW4.2, RW4.3

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